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Update... How to Crochet Courses

I'm almost finished Beginner Course "How to Crochet" some editing needed. Then I'll start with intimidate level.

New ..... How to Crochet Course on its Way

We are developing a How to Crochet Course...This first course will be for beginners. We will follow this up with more courses for Intermediate to Advanced. Watch this space

Archive for treble crochet stitch

treble stitchUK   abbr :      Dbltr    Double treble
USA abbr :     Tr  Treble

Treble Crochet stitch is another basic crochet one. It gives a bit of height in your crochet,  slightly more then double crochet stitch. There are three loops on the hook at one time. You work these loops off the hook in groups of two. Read More→

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